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Julian Hutchings


After working for 40 years and running a (fairly) successful business, I am now retired and spend my time writing, taking photographs, making YouTube videos and podcasts and riding my bike. I am a passionate cyclist and enjoy all things to do with road cycling. 

My interests are writing, reading most forms of literature, riding my bike, listening to music, watching movies,  annoying people on Twitter,  bike fettling, entertaining my children and spending time with my wife.

My favourite things: Lawrence of Arabia, coffee, Counting Crows, WB Yeats, tea, ciabatta, The Big Lebowski, Normandy butter with salt crystals, listening to my family, the cat, going to the movies with my wife, talking movies and stuff with my son, having dinner with my daughter, spicy salami, the films of Werner Herzog, and beating other riders when on my bike.