The Eyes have it, the Eyes have it


What is great art? And why is it great art? Is it great art because it’s great art or because someone tells us that it’s great art? This fascinating book seeks to answer that question. Focusing on the pictures of Doreen Grey, James Frimley, Corey Smelter and Lachlan Dinsmore – known as the Coney Hall Group – this catalogue is from their first major exhibition, held in West Wickham in 2018. Curated by the noted art critic and road cyclist Julian Hutchings, it describes and analyses their pictures in detail, and finds depths of meaning and profundity which they themselves may not even have realised were there.

Dentures, Guns and Money: The Diary of a Home Care Worker


The diary of Rita – a Home Care Worker – about her, her life, her useless husband and her sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, sometimes strange, ultimately life-affirming, uplifting experiences on the front line supporting elderly people in their own homes. With meditations on pay, conditions, zero hours contracts, dentures, guns, money and a lack thereof, racism, sexual assault, Lady Gaga (not that one) and Lucan the cat.

Cycling Shorts and Cycle Clips


Looking for some cycling wit, interest, excitement, pathos and tragedy? You’ve stumbled on an exciting new voice. This collection of 55 short-form pieces includes short stories, monologues, movie reviews, book reviews, reportage and opinion from the wonderful world of cycling and is ideal for reading while travelling by plane, boat or train, on holiday, on the daily commute, with your feet up, in the bath or waiting for the peloton to come past. It includes the short story ‘Hot Wings’ set in Paris on the final day of the Tour de France and ‘Goats and Donkeys’ about Alpe d’Huez. It is an ideal gift for the cyclist in your life, even if – especially if – that cyclist is you.

The Monument


Clovis and Eric are mates, retired and spend their days cycling. One day, sitting in their cafe, minding their own business and chewing the fat, they are drawn into a smuggling operation while taking part in the Liege-Bastogne-Liege sportive – one of the great cycling monuments. But what are they smuggling and who or what is it for?A mystery novella with an unexpected beginning, middle and ending.

The Marmot Murders


‘Clovis tripped on a pile of rope; crates of empty bottles were strewn around, a long hose was coiled on a hook, pieces of discarded or broken furniture littered the floor, a chair, a table, a disco ball glittering faintly as it hung from a hook in the ceiling like a traitor’s head swinging on a gibbet. The silence was deep and heavy and held you down like a 30-tog duvet in an autumn chill. He tripped over something soft and looked down; there was a dark shape on the floor, like a sleeping bag with someone in it. But it wasn’t a sleeping bag with someone in it, it was a someone and they weren’t sleeping, they were dead…’ A murder mystery novella set on a Marmot Tours cycling holiday through the Picos d’Europa of Northern Spain. But who is doing the killings and why? If you love a mystery with faint echoes of Agatha Christie and you ever fancied a cycling holiday, then combine the two and escape for a few hours into this compelling story.

Love's Lost in Girona

Love’s Lost in Girona


A story of love and loss set in the beautiful city of Girona.‘Funny, isn’t it,’ said Corcoran. ‘You come abroad, foreign country, sit outside, it’s warm, have a few drinks, away from home, it’s like a truth drug, you feel you want to unburden, in a way.’‘Unburden away, mate,’ said Sandman. ‘If you want to, of course.’‘You first,’ said Corcoran.‘What?’‘You go first. You tell me your secret; I’ll tell you mine. Don’t tell me you don’t have a secret; everyone has a secret.’Sandman, Corcoran, Maria and Thackeray are in the Catalan city of Girona for a week’s cycling. Amidst the beautiful surroundings of the ancient city and its glorious countryside, they learn secrets about their past which will affect their lives for years to come.

The Secret Diary of an Indoor Cat


Are you a cat lover? Do you believe that cats can think, talk, write and communicate with humans? Then this is the book for you! What would a cat write in its diary, if it was kept indoors and kept a diary? What hopes and dreams and thwarted desires would it record? What would it think about the world in which it finds itself? This is the (true) diary of just such a cat – Sir Ian – funny, warm, existential, literary, thoughtful, profound and ultimately uplifting.

Tour de Fiction: Short stories and more

Book description

Looking for some cycling wit, interest, excitement, pathos and tragedy? You’ve stumbled on an exciting new voice. This collection of 8 short stories includes ‘Cingle’ – about Mont Ventoux, ‘Six Days’ about the Ghent Six races, ‘Bread and Butter pudding’ about that most traditional of cycling pursuits – the time trial, and ‘Only Connect’ about the secrets left at the end of a cycling life . It also includes the memoir ‘My Life in Bikes’ about a life’s obsession and the perils of believing in N+1. It is an ideal gift for the cyclist in your life, even if – especially if – that cyclist is you.