Second Coming

He’s not coming. He is. He’s not. Be patient. He’ll be here. He’s not coming. He lied to you. Shut up. He’ll be here. You’re too trusting, that’s your problem. Someone tells you they’re coming and bam, you believe them. Look over there – what’d I tell you? You should have more faith. He’s not here yet. For crying out loud. What’s the matter with you anyway? You can see him, he’s there. Christ. OK cool it. I shouldn’t have doubted you. I told you he was coming. Where is he? I can’t see him. He’s there. He’s right there. Look. Christ, what’s he doing? He’s turning round. No, don’t turn back now, come on, you’re here, you’re almost here. He’s going. He can’t be. He promised. He’s not coming. No, he’s not coming. Christ. He’s not coming. I told you.    

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