The Marmot Murders


‘Clovis tripped on a pile of rope; crates of empty bottles were strewn around, a long hose was coiled on a hook, pieces of discarded or broken furniture littered the floor, a chair, a table, a disco ball glittering faintly as it hung from a hook in the ceiling like a traitor’s head swinging on a gibbet. The silence was deep and heavy and held you down like a 30-tog duvet in an autumn chill. He tripped over something soft and looked down; there was a dark shape on the floor, like a sleeping bag with someone in it. But it wasn’t a sleeping bag with someone in it, it was a someone and they weren’t sleeping, they were dead…’ A murder mystery novella set on a Marmot Tours cycling holiday through the Picos d’Europa of Northern Spain. But who is doing the killings and why? If you love a mystery with faint echoes of Agatha Christie and you ever fancied a cycling holiday, then combine the two and escape for a few hours into this compelling story.